Beck Stage Rigging Inspections

Bad Rigging Example

A stage inspection should not be something that is done after you find your equipment is no longer working, or even worse, after an accident has occurred. To maintain equipment in proper working order, inspections should be periodically conducted to prevent accidents. Yearly inspections are required by almost all equipment manufacturers to maintain the warranty. In most states, inspections of overhead equipment are required by OSHA annualy as well.

To reduce liability risk, these inspections should be integrated into your Life Safety programs. The bottom line is that YOU are responsible to have equipment that is safe and reliable. These systems cost thousands of dollars to replace, and once the investment has been made, it is up to you to see that all equipment is maintained in a safe working order. Stage inspections and training are very reasonably priced.

Stage Rigging Inspection Certifications

Beck Studios is ETCP (Entertainment Technician Certification Program) and PLASA certified to perform stage rigging inspections. We will thoroughly inspect your stage rigging and stage equipment to ensure that it complies with OSHA standards and regulations.

Stage Rigging Inspection Funding

USITT’s Rigging Safety Initiative has been created to assist secondary schools in funding for needed inspections. To learn more about this program please click HERE.

Stage Maintenance and Training

Proper training is essential for maintaining a safe and operational stage. Most accidents are due to user error, not equipment failing. Beck Studios Inc. has fully trained ETCP certified stage rigging personnel that will train your personnel to safely operate all your stage rigging and theatrical equipment. For more information or to receive a quote for training or inspections please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.