Rigging Installation


Beck Studios Theater Rigging and Motorized Stage Rigging

Beck Studios Inc. furnishes and installs all types of theater rigging systems for Schools, universities and professional theaters as well as for churches and companies – both public and private. Each project is unique and we have the experience to install systems which are safe, reliable and meet all specifications. From basic fixed rigging to specialized counterweight and motorized systems Beck Studios guarantees the final installation to be SAFE and installed with the highest professional quality.

DEAD HUNG RIGGING:Dead hung or fixed rigging sets cannot be raised or lowered. Dead hung sets are typically installed in facilities were there is not sufficient space above the proscenium to effectively raise and lower sets.

COUNTERWEIGHT RIGGING: Counterweight sets are a manual method of raising and lowering stage equipment. A counter-balance arbor is required which must have the same amount of weight as the object to be moved. Therefore a 500 pound light batten would require 500 pounds of weight to be loaded on the arbor. Counterweight sets should only be operated by properly trained and supervised personnel.

MOTORIZED STAGE RIGGING:Motorized stage rigging has become an increasingly popular method of moving stage scenery giving the user the ability to move sets safely with speed and accuracy. Although proper training is required to operate all stage rigging, motorized sets do not require the adjustment of counterweight sets and are therefore easier to operate. Computerized controls provide an unmatched level of precision and repeatability for cues, making each performance more uniform, while still maintaining the overrides necessary for safety.

Stage Inspections

Stage inspections should not be something that is done after you find your equipment is no longer working, or even worse, when an accident has occurred. To maintain equipment in proper working order, inspections should be periodically conducted to prevent accidents. Yearly inspections are required by almost all equipment manufacturers to maintain the warranty. In most states, inspections of overhead equipment are required by OSHA.

To reduce liability risk, these inspections should be integrated into your life–safety programs. The bottom line is that YOU are responsible to have equipment that is safe and reliable. These systems cost thousands of dollars to replace, and once the investment has been made, it is up to you to see that all equipment is maintained in a safe working order. Stage inspections and training are very reasonably priced. Inspection costs can range from $500 to $1,000 plus travel expenses depending on the size of your facility. To schedule an inspection, click here-


Proper training is essential for maintaining a safe and operational stage. Most accidents are due to user error, not equipment failing. Beck Studios, Inc. has fully trained ETCP certified stage rigging personnel that will train your personnel to safely operate all your stage rigging and theatrical equipment. Training sessions range from $300 to $500 plus travel expenses depending on the amount of personnel attending and the amount of items covered. For assistance with training your crew, click here-