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News Flash: Theatrical Lighting Is Not Just for Use in Theatres

Traditionally stage lighting has been used to set the mood or tone of a scene and to draw attention to a particular element or cast member. While these same uses are true today in theatres around the world they are also true off the stage in many other applications.

The use of lighting in museums, educational facilities, corporate buildings, churches, hotels, and even building exteriors has become quite common. With the advances in LED technology the use of adaptable lighting is endless.

  • Restaurants can use lighting elements to highlight logs, menu boards, or use color to highlight design elements and even increase bar sales
  • Convention centers and hotels can use lighting to create dramatic impression as guests enter their venue
  • Churches and house of worship can use lighting to enhance their teaching by setting the mood and drawing attention to certain elements during their teaching
  • Corporations can project logos onto walls, floors, and ceilings as well as highlight the unique architecture of their building
  • Exteriors of buildings can come alive with color, logos, and even dance to holiday music through the use of today’s LED technology

Stage Lighting Equipment

Beck Studios is your choice for theatrical lighting, sales, installation, and rigging inspections. We employ factory trained technicians for many of the industry’s top brands.

Whether you need to replace a single instrument or you want to design a control point that will allow you to run your facility’s lighting from your desk Beck Studios can meet your needs.

Stage Lighting is a very flexible and manageable resource that you can use to bring your facilities, events, and presentations to life. There are as many possible lighting configurations as there are ideas, so contact us today to explore how Theatrical Lighting can work for you.